Top Schools in Communication

If you are looking for the top schools in communications, you’re going to have to read through pages and pages of opinions. Unfortunately, what is top on one list may not even make the next. The best route you can take for finding top schools is to take your research with a grain of salt and visit the school for yourself.

U.S. News & World Report publishes a “best of” college edition every year. So does Time. Websites like College Crunch have their own opinions on the best schools. Companies that list schools in rank order typically base their evaluations on many factors, examining such criteria as academic quality, career potential and opportunities for real-world experiences. But just how important is all of this to you?

The answer is that you should attend the best school that you can get into. That takes a little introspection. How were your high school grades? What’s your class rank? How high did you score on your SAT or ACT? What are you willing to sacrifice financially to attend what someone has determined to be a top school? If everyone agrees that the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication is the best school in the country—but you live in rural Texas with very limited means—is this the school for you? Possibly not. Then again, if your high school grades were superior, your activity resume is outstanding, and your ambition is off the charts—apply, apply, apply.

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